How to Write Popular Blogposts

November 29th, 2012

If you are an avid internet reader, you might have noticed that some blogs are flooded with user generated comments, hundreds of ‘like’ and shares on social platforms. Whereas some blogs are struggling for even page visits on their analytic. This happens because many of us are not putting up the blogpost or rather framing our posts the right way. We seldom end up not making the best possible use of all that we can do with our blog. From SEO to an actual sale, a blog can do wonders to your business if your blogpost make sense and are relevant to the visitors.

You should use the below mentioned tips in order to be Webmaster of a most loved and popular blog:

1. Use Simple Language:
The first thing that you will ever notice in a blog is the ease of understanding. It doesn’t matter beautiful your design is or how optimized your page is visitors will not stick to the page if they don’t understand what you are writing on it. Use of fancy and intricate words is good, provided your target audience is able to understand it. The easier the choice of words and the simpler the sentences, the higher is the probability of the visitor is to read, comment and share your blogpost. So the idea is to write simple words which any visitor from any country can understand your blogpost.

2. Address Them As “You”:
Really amazing blog posts sound like they were written just for you. Do you know why that is? It’s because the writer probably used the word “you” instead of “them” or “we”.
While drafting the post, make yourself feel like it’s just you and him sitting for a cup of coffee and chatting. While writing a blogpost, feel like you are writing it just for that one person who is on the other side of the computer.
This will help you earn some brownie points for attention and the reader would feel the ‘personal’ equation with you. And who wouldn’t love being addressed personally amongst the count of trillions on the web.

3. Write ‘How To’ Posts:
One of the things we have learned about popular blog posts is that people want useful information.
Always try and offer solutions to people’s problems. People would read it, take something back home out of it and will express their opinion or comment on it and share it in their social circle. Make your ‘how to’ steps simple. Don’t complicate the visitor who has come to your blog in distress or confusion.
Let’s say you want to show your audience how to subscribe to your blog with an RSS reader. Your headings might be “Choose a Reader,” “Sign Up,” “Click on the RSS button,” and “Subscribe.” Under each heading you would give more information, explaining what to look for, the pros and cons, and pointing out issues that might be confusing.

4. Beauty Is In The Details:
You might not want to believe this but your thought –“Who anyways is going to read so much?” which is just NOT true. People love details. Things with precise explanation and description are always welcomed by readers. That does not mean that you overload them with information and text. But whatever you write make sure is sufficient enough for the reader to understand what you are explaining.
If you think about it, people love long, detailed posts because so much of what is offered on other blogs is short and light on details. This is not to knock other blogs, but simply to point out that this is an opportunity for you to make yourself different than other bloggers.
Another way of adding more data and details to your posts is by adding useful and relevant graphics, images, videos and Infographic. This will not only add to your blog’s length but also will make it visually more appealing.

5. Use the 3 ‘U’:
Speedhost follows a 4 ‘U’ policy to hook our visitors to our blog and website. The 3 ‘U’ rule is:

  • Unique: Unique headlines and content is always more shared and read. If you are writing the same old content which already exists on 100 other blogs that you are lacking in the ‘Unique’ factor. Work on it! Write unique and fresh content.
  • Useful: write useful things. Something that has worked for you and you think it can be equally useful to others, write about it. The more useful information your blogpost has, the greater are the chances for it to get popular among the readers.
  • Ultra-specific: Don’t write about random things. Or rather don’t write about 3-4 different things at the same time. You aren’t here to confuse the reader. Stick to a subject, be specific. Show that you master in it and you will see your blogpost getting popular. Really popular.
  • 6. Prove Your Point:
    People look for credibility. When you back your statements with proof, you naturally sound more believable and people will count upon your words. Whatever you say, ensure that you prove your point. You can prove your content’s credibility by linking your blog or information with another resource. But another benefit to proving your points by linking to other posts is that you are sharing with your audience another good source of information. And the chances are that author will probably link back to your blog at some point.

    7. Care about your readers:
    Its quite natural that a reader would feel more cared and happy if you make him feel like the post was written by keeping his problem and expectations in mind. And also the fact that if you actually care about the readers you naturally try to write a popular blogpost, because you are always looking for ways to write better.

    There’s a lot of competition in the blog world, so it’s quite easy and obvious for you to get frustrated when your blog is not getting the love it deserves. But patience and good work is the key to it!
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