How to choose an ideal affiliate program:

November 22nd, 2012

This is the age of “get rich in a day” and “earn easy money by sitting at home”. While this all might sound too shady or desperate, but believe it or not, some of these cheesy ad copies can actually prove true! No, we definitely don’t think its easy money, but it can surely get you to mint a good amount if you are reasonably good at it!

In layman’s language affiliate marketing is all about promoting someone else’s product and earning a commission in return (if a sale is made). It works the same as in the offline world, however the profit and scope is much bigger over the Internet.

Finding the right affiliate program for yourself is as important as giving a right name to your business. To get the best results, always promote a product that you have tried yourself and are confident enough of the quality of it.

Below are some of the tips that will help you find an affiliate program that’s right for you:

    1. It’s not just about Payouts.

    As an affiliate it’s very crucial for you to get big money out of your affiliate business venture. But at the same time, you should not consider huge payout amounts as the only driving factor . It’s important to promote a product which you yourself believe in or have used. For example, you are a dog lover. So being an affiliate for a company that manufactures dog food or a training school for dogs will be of more interest to you than being an affiliate for an online book store. Your content will be better too as it is relevant to your area of expertise. You yourself should be ‘for’ the products and only then will you be able to promote them efficiently. Besides, the visitors of your site and the target audience of the company whose product you are advertising should be of the same profile so that the merchant’s links interest them and they visit their site.

    2. Customer Support is the Key:

    Always go for a company that provides value to its products by adding great customer service to it. A good customer support or service will be a boon to an affiliate as every lead he sends to the website, will be converted into an actual customer. And this cannot happen without the strong support system. Imagine the dark scenario wherein as an affiliate, you are sending high quality traffic to the website but the efforts from the company’s sales and support team are not that strong. So it’s all a waste for you! You neither earn money nor is the same traffic going to come back to your website or blog for information. So you will be on the losing end! We believe its okay to compromise on the payouts if the service provider’s product and customer support handle is efficient enough with a high number of leads being converted by the sales team.

    3. Sign up with a Trusted Company:

    We aren’t unaware of the frauds that happen on internet! So it’s very important to sign up for a brand that you are aware of. Go for a company that you trust in. Always do detailed background check of the company for which you become an affiliate. We recommend you to use the product or the service once, before you start promoting it. This will help you understand and promote the product efficiently. Make sure the affiliate program you choose works with reputable sponsors who are selling products that you would be comfortable buying yourself.

    4. Ask for Fraud Protection:

    As an affiliate, always ask your merchant to provide you with a fraud protection service. Such protection helps the client detect multiple sign ups from the same IP address, block signups from banned IP address ranges and maintain a record of blacklisted affiliates. Ultimately, it will lead to a safe affiliate programes. Ultimately, you as a clean affiliate will be in a program which will be free from fraudulent affiliates who can claim your leads and your commissions. The two main fraudulent practices of other affiliates you should be protected from are:

  1. Duplicating: creation of deceptive clones of legitimate site
  2. Diverting — creating deceptive links that do not pay the intended affiliate (“cookie stuffing” is one of the ways it’s done, and thankfully it already results in serious consequences for cookie stuffers)
    5. Good Tracking System is a Must

    Nowadays, it is reasonable to expect that your sales statistics will be readily available to you. Always confirm the tracking method of any program. If possible, look for programs that offer real time tracking 24 hours 7 days a week and that are accessible from the web.

    6. Cookie Life:

    In affiliate marketing, most of the tracking happens through cookies. A lead is identified as your lead by the cookie placed on his machine when he clicks on the merchant’s banner. But he is only your lead till the cookie remains. You should look for a program that gives a high cookie life which is ideally 2-3 months. The program must also have other sources of tracking like IP tracking in case the lead deletes the cookie manually. That way you are assured of your commission if the conversion takes place.

We think that being an affiliate is as responsible a job as that of any employee of that company selling the product. It’s a job where you might have to sit in front of your computer and push the product to your traffic. You also will have to use some smart sales and marketing strategies in order to earn your commission. So we suggest you to go for it if and only you think you can do it all. But we can tell you this. Once the wheels start turning, the cash starts pouring in. It’s not ‘easy money’ but it definitely is ‘big money’ if you put in your efforts and use effective marketing techniques.


  1. pritam November 23rd, 2012

    i read this blog it’s really nice . and also Nice Information

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    Nice Info., Is there any Sites/Services available in India which can help to earn some money through Affiliate Programs.

  3. November 29th, 2012

    Speedhost itself is coming up this Affiliate program very soon!
    Stay tuned to our website and blog for the updates and timeline.

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    I recommend this for anyone starting in affiiate marketing. Really short and to the point.

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    There are so many affiliate programs that it is hard to choose sometimes. Thanks a lot for the tips!

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