Disadvantages of Free Webhosting

February 7th, 2014

We bet you have heard this phrase “There’s no such thing as free lunch”. Most of us are aware of the fact that the products and services that we need are mostly charged and the ones that are free, come with a catch. The same fact applies with Free Web Hosting. If you have ever used free hosting you might have realized by now that there are way too many disadvantages than the advantages of a paid hosting. Let’s look at some of them.

1] Security: Major responsibility of your website’s security depends on the security measures taken by the hosting company. Free hosting companies invest little or no resources to secure their servers hence leaving your website vulnerable to cyber attacks.

2] Annoying Ads: Free hosting companies make their money through advertisements. This means that you can expect a bunch of annoying ads and pop ups on your website leaving a bad taste for your visitors. The worst part is that you have absolutely no control over this and will have to live with it.

3] Limited Resources: Most free hosting services are capped. So tomorrow if you do need additional bandwidth then you will simply have to pay for the package. Sometimes the rates are higher compared to some popular hosting companies’ packages and there are many who fall prey to it.

4] Chances of Shutdown: Free hosting companies are very unreliable. Don’t be surprised if you wake up one day and find that your website is not loading anymore. There is a high possibility that they can just shut shop and take down all their servers. This means you stand a chance to lose all your work just like that.

5] No Monetization: Say tomorrow your website becomes popular and you want to capitalize on it by placing ads on the website. With free hosting, you cannot place ads on your website, as a matter of fact even if they do allow you to place ads, there are already so many of their own ads that it will not be next to impossible to find any place.

6] Little or no Support: It takes a great deal of money to run a good support system. With free hosting you cannot expect this to be part of it. Yes there are forums to help you out with your query but your issue does not get priority like you get with paid hosting services.

7] Crowded server/ Downtime issues: When you are giving something for free, you will definitely have a lot of takers, generally way more than what you have to give. Same goes with free hosting services. The congestion on the free hosting server causes the websites to run slow and the downtime of your website will increase drastically.

There are few who are okay running their website with these issues and honestly it is not wrong to test the waters before diving in. But if you are serious about your website and want to create a real presence in the web space then free hosting is not for you. While using free hosting services you will come across one of these issues which will force you to migrate to another service literally overnight.

Honestly building a website is hard work and you should not leave its fate in the hands of someone, who is not reliable. Spend time in finding the right web hosting service that is capable of providing a good service and value for your money.

Do share your experiences if you have ever used a free web hosting service.

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