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Order a Google Email app setup for your hosting

August 3rd, 2011

Have you ever though of using Google email app on your hosting but did not know how you would make all the complex DNS changes… we have now made it very easy for you to order professional google email apps installation, you can either buy it while ordering your hosting account (you will get a option to do that) or if you already have the hosting, you can follow the steps below

1. Login to the Client Area.
2. Click My Products & Services
3. Click Order Addons
4. Select Google email app and then click Order Now.

Note: There is a charge of Rs.500 (one time). It would take up to 24 hours to install google email app on your domain. This service is not available on the starter hosting plan.

Setting up Free Google Emails Apps with your Domain Name

December 23rd, 2010

Google apps is one of the best thing there could be for people who want to have their emails powered by the fantastic Google email software. You can have the Google apps working if you just have a domain name without any hosting or have a hosting which is attached with your domain name. In the step by step process below, we have pointed out how you can have a google powered email running for your domain name for Free!

Before starting this process make sure you already own a domain name or if you dont, start by registering a domain name.

1. Start the sign up process by clicking this link:

2. Fill in the simple information form
3. Fill username and password for your Google account and continue with the setup.
4. Login with your Google account and manage.

Once you have done this, you would need to make DNS changes by adding MX records as specified by Google for verifying your domain name as well as make sure the emails work for you. If you are using just your domain name then you would need to make the MX changes directly from your domain name admin. If you have hosting account with the domain, then you would need to add the records from the cPanel of your hosting.

We can help you out in both situations if you get stuck anywhere. Just raise a support ticket for the same from your client area.

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How to disable a Google Apps Service

January 13th, 2010

If you no longer want to use a certain Google Apps service, you can easily disable it from your Google Apps Dashboard.

For example, let’s say that you want to disable Google Sites. To do this, follow the steps below:

Go to your Google Apps Dashboard > Sites and click Disable Sites.

Click Yes, disable Sites.

Once you disable a Google Apps service, it will no longer show on the Dashboard.

To enable an already disabled service, click Add more services on the Dashboard and simply readd the service.

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Google Apps Email Overview

November 28th, 2009

Google Apps Email is a free mail service provided by Google. It supports POP3 and IMAP, and can be used as a webmail client.

You will see the Gmail logo when you access Google Apps Email, but those two mail services are not the same. Here are the most important differences between Gmail and Google Apps Email:

– With Google Apps Email, your email addresses use your domain name (not Thus, you can have an email address like

– Unlike Gmail, in Google Apps Email your usernames can have dashes (-). So, you can have

– To retrieve a lost Google Apps Email password, you must contact your email administrator (the owner of the account).

Google Apps Email supports almost all popular mail service options – mail forwarding, mail filtering, autoresponders, mail attachments. You can also import your address book from a CSV file.

Another great feature is the multi-language support. You can have your webmail interface in your own language!

Once you register for Google Apps and activate Email, you will be able to access your mailbox using a URL in the following format:

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How to set up Google Calendar App on your Domain

November 25th, 2009

Google Calendar is a calendar web application provided by Google.

The interface of Google Calendar allows users to view, create and manage calendar events. Google Calendar supports drag-and-drop, so you can easily move your events from one date to another without reloading the page.

Google Calendar supports a variety of view modes, including daily, weekly, monthly and agenda views. Users can also Quick Add calendar events and set the number of days/weeks to show in their custom view mode.

Outlook calendar files (.csv) and iCalendar files (.ics) can be imported into Google Calendar. You can also import public calendars which contain various national holidays of different countries.

Once you register for Google Apps, you will be able to access your Google Calendar using a URL in the following format:

To access your Google Calendar through your domain name, e.g.:

please go to your Google Apps Dashboard > Calendar > Web address > Change URL and select the custom URL option.

Then you should set up your domain’s CNAME record to point to