How to connect to your Hosting using FTP Filezilla

October 25th, 2010

Connecting to your server using FTP (Filezilla) is very easy. There are only 3 thing which you would need to know

1. Your Host Name: This is your domain name, you can simply use example.com
2. Your Username: This information is given to you in the New Account Information email
3. Your Password: This information is given to you in the New Account Information email

You can leave the Port info box as empty and then simply press the quick connect button. Once your files are displayed on the right box, please make sure that you upload your content to the folder called public_html

Filezilla the Best FTP Software for Windows and Mac

May 30th, 2010

We have tried many ftp softwares over the years from Cute FTP to Core FTP but lately we have been using Filezilla and it is indeed a great piece of software. The program itself is light and launches quickly and have numerous options to make your file transfer a painless process. The UI is a bit dull, the graphic icons are very small but never the less it does it’s work. The great thing about Filezilla is that it works on both Windows and Mac.

Your can make a free download from here. Download FTP Filezilla

How to change File Permissions using Core FTP

December 18th, 2009

There are times when you would like to change the file or directory permissions for your files or folders. The reason could be security or that some software’s require certain file to be editable.

This can be very simple to achieve using a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. For this article I will be including screen shots from Core FTP which is what I use.

1. Open Core FTP
2. Connect to your website.
3. Once connected, go to the file or folder you wish you change permissions of.
4. Right click on the file or folder and click Properties

File Properties & Permissions

Now from this tab you can change the User, Group and World’s Read… Write and Execute permissions. Just click ok after you are done.

How to upload to an Addon or Subdomain using FTP

October 30th, 2009

Option 1

In a FTP client enter this information.

Host = add on domain name
User = addondomain@primarydomain.com
Password = what you entered during Addon domain creation
Port = 21

Once you have successfully connected to your ftp client will be in the root of the add on domain name.

If everything was successful you should see a folder called cgi-bin.

Upload your files.

Option 2

In a FTP client enter this information.

Host = primary domain name
User = cPanel username
Password = cPanel password
Port = 21

Once you have successfully connected to your ftp client will be in the home directory.

Double click the public_html folder. Double click the addon domain folder.

Upload your files.

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Should I use FTP or File Manager to Upload Files?

August 31st, 2009

With speedhost.in we provide you 2 very easy ways to upload your files. You could either use FTP (file transfer protocol) or you could upload files using the File Manager which is web based and can be accessed from any browser.

Using FTP makes uploading much faster as it is a desktop based software and you do not have to login to your cPanel every time you need to add / edit / delete a file. FTP also lets you upload folder in one go where as the File Manager would only allow you to upload one file at a time.

With FTP you can also change file / folder permissions in a jiffy. If you don’t have a FTP, you can download one from free at FileZilla