Link Building Tips 2012

October 26th, 2012

Since the introduction of Google’s Panda Update and latest Penguin Update, lots of things have changed in the link building domain. With the growing importance of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in the online advertising industry, social media signals have become vital. Ethical link building is doing wonders these days. Marketer’s focus should be more towards brand promotion and on keeping a safe distance from spam link building techniques.

One should be publishing his content more on those websites that have strong social media following. Again, fresh, creative and original content is the soul of well established brands. One should always make the use of standard processes like domain page rank, authority, traffic estimates, content quality and theme relevance while making decision about getting backlink from a domain. Today, we are going to share some really cool and effective link building techniques that should be fine with all algorithmic changes made by Google.

  • Deep Study Your Competitor’s Links

  • You should study your competitor links and make a list of all trusted websites from where they are getting links. You can use some really amazing softwares or online services like Open Site Explorer to find the backlink details about your competitor websites. Once you have the list of resources from where your competitors are getting links, you need to study them and see how they are able to get link from those websites. A little research on their process of getting those backlinks and you are sorted. Also, keep in mind that you should not blindly use or follow your competitor’s strategy. Because, your goals and theirs might be different. Innovative and well thought strategies always work.

  • Make Good Use of Partially Matching Anchor Text for Link

  • Gone are the days for exact match anchor text since Google penalize (Google over Optimization Penalty) websites that were building too many backlinks using the same anchor text. You should be using partially matching anchor text while building backlinks for your website or blog targeted pages. Suppose that you want to build backlinks for a page where you are targeting Drupal web hosting as the primary keyword. For this you should use several keyword combinations like cheap Drupal hosting, best Drupal web hosting, Drupal hosting providers etc. as anchor text to make your backlinks look natural to Google bots.

  • Don’t Forget The Basics. Be a Guest Blogger.

  • Links that are gained through guest blogging amazing impact while you are trying to penetrate your targeted keywords or your primary keywords on to the Google search. While doing guest blogging, you should use blogs only that are compatible to your brand positioning and image or your product or service. Always give priority to the forums or blogs that match in your niche, have decent page rank, traffic and are passing link juice in guest posts. For example, if you are selling ‘weight loss exercise machine’, than you should go on blogs and forums that are health related rather than going on the blogs that write about pets or handicrafts.

  • Useful Blog Commenting

  • Apart from guest blogging on relevant forums and blogs, one should also add valuable comments to the already existing posts. Ensure that you are not sounding too pushy or desperate. The quality of the information or content that you are sharing on the comments should be convincing, relevant and useful to the readers at the same time. While doing blog commenting, your focus should be more towards your brand promotion, traffic generation and targeted link building. You should not use keywords in name field as lots of blog owners consider it as spam practice and thus you should use your brand name or your own name.

  • Basics Again: Article Publishing

  • Article publishing is a great way to get lots of targeted and contextual backlinks for your business website. You should create some articles around your targeted keywords and submit them to article publishing websites. While submitting your articles, you should not submit the same article into 10’s article directories.

  • Social Media Gets You Brownie Points!

  • Social media being one of the most powerful, influential and trending platform for promoting your brand, you can just not miss upon it. The amount of good things social media can do to your brand is incredible. So have your strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and elsewhere. It can help you get a strong fan base who would definitely be interested in coming down to your website. Sharing innovative and interesting content on these platforms also can get you considerable amount of backlinks and traffic.

    Do you think this is not enough? Or you have some more strategies or ideas that you have in mind to improve the link building? Share it with us here in the comment section! We would love to hear what worked and what didn’t work for your business!


    1. François | Linkody October 30th, 2012

      Whatever the strategy used for link building, an important part of the job is to monitor your acquired links to be sure they are not removed or switched to nofollow. There are several well known tools out there but they are usually quite expensive. Cheaper and more specialized alternatives can help you with that task.

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