How to keep your blog visitors Engaged

June 13th, 2014

Worked hard on your blog but still can’t find anyone sticking around to read your blog. You probably might be hit by High Bounce rates. It’s not a virus to be scared off but it just means that a large percentage of your visitors fail to engage with more than one page on your blog.

Now, realistically speaking, people are always going to leave your site but how much is too bad? Log in to your Google Analytics dashboard and if you see a bounce rate higher than 60% of your visitors then you are in the red zone. You’re going to need to put some work in to get that bounce rate down. There are a lot of reasons that can contribute to the problem but we are here to help you with the solutions, so let’s begin.

1] Use more multimedia: However good your content maybe, plain text is passé and way too boring. The latest trend is to express your text with more images or maybe even a GIF or a video. This way you are improving the delivery of your content and not boring your visitors away. Experimenting with various forms of media will help you understand which one works better with your visitors and help you determine which one to use again. You could probably try out these images creation tools to help you build some Awesome content.

2] Make content more readable: What happens when you reach a page that has extremely small font size and you find it difficult to read the content? You’re really going to get frustrated and probably exit the page faster than you got there. There are many more factors that contribute to the readability so keep it simple and follow these steps:

  • Keep paragraphs small so that they only have around 5 sentences each.
  • Add bullets whenever possible.
  • Bold keywords to grab attention.
  • Use subheadings to break content into sections and ease of reading.

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3] Add internal links: One simple way to get your blog visitors to stick a little longer is to have them move more around your blog. Add internal links to other related blog posts/pages throughout your blog. It not only helps your readers find more information they like but also help improve your SEO value.

4] Add Related Posts Section in your blog posts: Just like the above point a related posts section will give your visitors more related content to digest. This gives them an opportunity to discover more pages on your blog and in the bargain improving your bounce rate. You could share related posts below the blog post with headings like “You must also read” or “You may also like” to also help your visitors find related content. If you’re on wordpress you’ll find a lot of plugins available to automatically do this for you but you could also try manually adding this to your blog for more effective targeting of related posts.


Some of these points may seem way too obvious but believe us when we say, there are way too many blogs online that make the most trivial mistakes and lose out on precious traffic.

Give these solutions a shot, they should definitely help you improve your sites performance but for better results its best suggested that you take a closer look at your site’s analytics data to determine better targeting of issues. Don’t hesitate from experimentation as even the best have failed but found success eventually 😉

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