How to improve your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

August 3rd, 2014

We live in a time when almost every argument will end in “Google it.” Search engines have evolved so much and have become a part of our life. Need to research for an assignment, find cheap airline tickets or even find new places to hangout, search engines have always come to the rescue.

Search engines over the years have become smarter and more efficient in providing you with great websites for information. With improving algorithms and technology, the search engine industry has taken a very positive change. This has ensured that we have access to quality content at the quickest possible time. But not everyone has been too happy with these frequent algorithm updates. Many site owners have been impacted and have seen their search engine ranking go down considerably.

The only way to survive has been to abide by the ever changing rules. Honestly, it’s difficult to go back and make changes to all your previous work but unfortunately that’s the only way about it. Now you can’t really blame the search engines for this. They want to provide the best experience to their users and by coming up with these algorithm updates they are ensuring that they become more efficient at how they deliver good search results.

We understand the plight of all site owners that are affected but it’s time that we make search engines our friend. Let’s not fight the changes but embrace it and use it to benchmark your work and understand if you need to push a little more, to make it to the first page of every search engine.  We want to help you achieve this by providing our two cents on how to get your website ranking up. So let’s begin.

1] Only Quality Content

Avoid writing for the sake of creating more content. Always focus on writing AWESOME quality content which your users will actually want to read. There are big websites out there like Social Sprout and Mashable that churn out tons of research backed content and in return they are always rewarded with good traffic. The content is also so good that people will want to share it thus creating a very positive ripple effect. Search engines are taking quality content very seriously and they are always looking for value addition that your content can bring to its end users. Does your content bring value add to your visitors? If not, then it’s time to re-evaluate your content strategy.

2] Inbound Links:

This one aspect is very critical in improving search engine ranking. Google assigns a domain authority score to every indexed website. This score can be improved by the number of websites that link back to yours. Basically, link backs will notify search engines that your website is a resource to them. So more the number of link backs better your domain authority score will get and better domain authority score will only mean better search engine rankings for your website. But we also need to understand that quality is always better than quantity. A website with a high domain authority linking back to your website will always be better than 100 websites with a low or moderate domain authority score. So a link back from a Mashable or a Social Sprout is definitely going to drive your search engine ranking upwards.

3] Be Social: Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc have given everyone another medium to reach thousands and sometimes even millions. It is become a crucial tool for businesses to create awareness of their products. Your content will get shared if the shareable quotient is really high. Again the point no. 1 of writing quality content comes to play here. If your content has got value for your readers then the chances of it getting shared multiples 10x, this means more people are going to see your work. If your work is exceptional, then get ready to see it go viral. This only means that you are going to see a lot more traffic moving to your website. Search engines also do evaluate the social quotient of a website to rate it higher in rankings. So going social with your work is definitely a good idea.

These points will help you get started in your venture to improve your website. Honestly we have only scratched the surface here and there’s a lot more that you will learn and need to apply to ensure that your website keeps moving higher. Think of it as your first trek, where you have the equipment but you never know what difficulties you may face. But getting out of it will mean that you have learnt something new and this will make you better for your next trek :-)

So what do you think about these points. Do drop a comment below if you have any tips and tricks to share.

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