WordPress Security: Change Admin Username

September 7th, 2014

Whenever you’re setting up your WordPress website, the default username is always admin. In the excitement of getting started we ignore making any changes to the username and complete the installation. Unfortunately, this makes it easier for a Hacker to run a brute force attack as he now only needs to work on finding the password to get to your website’s admin dashboard. If you’ve committed this innocent mistake then it’s time to rectify it for the safety of your own WordPress website.

How to change WordPress ADMIN username

  • First you need to login to your website’s admin dashboard.
  • Hover over Users [left hand menu] and click on Add New.
  • You will need to fill in all the fields that include username, email, first name; last name, password etc [Choose a good username and a strong password]. Before clicking on Add New User don’t forget to change the role to Administrator.
  • You will now find the new user created in the Users section. You’ll then need to logout from the admin dashboard.
  • Now login again into your Admin dashboard with the new username and password.
  • Click on Users on the left the hand Menu and then click on Delete just below the old admin user. *We recommend taking a backup of your WordPress Website before you delete the old admin user*
  • You will now be taken to a screen where you will need to attribute all posts of the old user to the new one that you just created. Ensure you check the radio button Attribute all posts to and then select the new username from the dropdown Then click on Confirm deletion button. [If you don’t do this correctly, all posts that were attributed to the old username will be lost.]
  • You will now see that the old user has been deleted.

That’s how simple it is to fortify your WordPress security from a Brute force attack. Hackers will now have a tough time trying to guess the username and the password of your website.

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