Three easy ways to secure your Drupal website

August 9th, 2014

Website hacking is on the rise and thousands of websites are becoming victims each day. You may be running your website on WordPress, Drupal or any other Content Management System but the risk of being hacked is almost the same for all. We are here today to share with you 4 very easy ways that will help you secure your Drupal website.

Three ways to secure your Drupal Website

1] Did you know that you could actually limit the number of login attempts to your account? Brute force attacks are common these days and the only way in, is through the login page. You can use a module called Login Security to temporarily or permanently ban IP addresses that are attempting a brute force attack on your website.

2] You need to enable auto logout for all the users of your Drupal website. Incase if your laptop gets stolen and you are still logged in then they can mess up your entire site. You can check out the module Automated Logout which will log out users after a specific amount of time.

3] Finally you need to update the Drupal core and all modules that are supporting your Drupal website. This will ensure that the any vulnerability with the older versions is taken care of. We recommend that you always take a backup before performing any update.

We do agree that there are more complex ways to strengthen the security of your Drupal website, but think of this as the basics which have to be done. You can start by setting up strong alpha numeric passwords for all your website users. Sometimes the biggest of the issues arise due to the smallest of the problems hence all precaution measures need to be taken.

Do leave a comment below if you have any crucial ways to secure a Drupal website.


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