Top 5 Website Marketing Tools that every Blogger should Use

March 26th, 2014

So you have written some great content for your blog, but how are you planning to get eyeballs to see and appreciate your content. In this already crowded internet space you will need more than just writing good content and waiting for people to come to you naturally. Well, if you don’t have a strategy yet then we would suggest that you give the following tools a try. These amazing tools will make the Marketing of your blog way more organized and fun.

Buffer: This app does not really need introduction. From the time of its inception this has been the most used social media sharing tool till date. You can simply add all the content that you wish to share at one point in the day and the app will automatically post for you at different popular social media channels. You can also use the custom scheduling, detailed analytics and team member access which make it the most sought after media management tool to go for.

HootSuite: This is another awesome Social media management tool that should consider using. You can control all your tasks like monitor social channels, post updates, upload images, reply to comments/tweets etc. You can also get a custom analytics report via this tool. There is an app available to be used over mobile devices and it also has feature that allows different members of the team to access social easily. The free version is limited in features, however if you are serious about your blog then using the PRO version will be worth every penny you spend.

Google Analytics: This tool is from the search engine giant Google. Google Analytics can generate detailed reports about a website’s traffic and sources. Google Analytics can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines and social networks, direct visits and referring sites. This will be great to understand where you need to focus your marketing towards.

Blog Engage: This website takes advantage of the vast blogging community on the internet. You can sort blogs and blog articles by category and also narrow down your search using the tag cloud. This website is a great place for blog commenting, receive quality back links, meeting new bloggers and promoting your own content. You will love this website if you are need of good traffic.

Viral Content Buzz: This is a great way to share your content to a much wider audience. What this tool does is that it gets you more likes and tweets from different channels that are outside your group. These are not paid like or tweets but are genuine people who have read your blog and would like to share it. This keeps the shares organic and engagement levels reach new peaks. This type of organic sharing gives your content its best chance to go viral!

Though some of the tools mentioned above are paid, they are worth every penny you spend. It is time for you to change from a good blogger to a complete blogger with the help of these tools. If you still have not used any of these tools its time you get your hands dirty with them.

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