How to get more Website visitors from Social networks

May 22nd, 2014

Most of you will agree with us when we say that every website owner loves good traffic. But good traffic does not just come by; there is a lot of hard work involved. Sharing your content to different social media channels can be one of the ways to get traffic moving to your website but what stands between your website and the visitor is the click on your link. So how do you get that visitor to click that link? Let’s find out

Grab Attention: Remember that link you saw somewhere that you HAD to click. How do you think it stood out from the rest on the page? Well that post must have created a great amount of curiosity and excitement in your mind that pushed you to click that link. That’s exactly what your links should do to stand out and literally scream out “CLICK ME” (well, not literally :-) ).

Consider the following two links

  1. “How to build a website”
  2. “Build your website quickly in 5 easy steps”

You will most likely be interested in clicking on the second link.

Be Specific: Building on the first point, you need to make sure that the article that you are posting not only grabs attention but is also precise. Let your visitors know exactly what they are going to get when they click on your link. The title with no direction can often be interpreted as a spam link and you can easily lose out on potential traffic. The whole idea is to tell people what they are clicking even before they make it to your website.

Recycling posts: As per research the average life span of a tweet is approximately 18 minutes and that of a Facebook post is approximately 2 hours. With the new Facebook algorithm, the life span is even less when posting through a fan page. This means that by sharing your content only once, you’re cutting its life short. So how can we tackle this?

The answer to this is to create different social posts leading to the same content and share them on Social Channels. Let’s take this post and create 3 different titles that we can use to promote on Social.

  • “3 sure shot ways to get visitors from Social Networks”
  • “Drive people from Social Networks to your Website”
  • “Smart ways to get people to click on your links on Social Networks”

Depending on how much you typically post, this can be multiple times a day or multiple times a week. After a month you can revisit your old posts and if they are still relevant then you can share them again through different social channels. Don’t worry if people find out that you are sharing old content, what is more important that your visitors enjoy what they read. However don’t overdo this practice.

So there you have it, that’s our recipe for getting visitors from Social Networks to your website. We would love to hear about how you manage to do the same. Drop in a comment below to share your tips.

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