Drupal Installation Using Softaculous: 4 Step Process

September 5th, 2012

The last week we posted you with the 4-step procedure for installing WordPress on your website or blog using Softaculous.Speedhost.in provides all its customers with a free installation of Drupal and all other Softaculous scripts along with our hosting plans. By looking at the popularity of Drupal as a CMS and the Facebook poll, we dedicate this post to Drupal.
Follow 4 Simple Steps to install Drupal using Softaculous:

Step 1:

Go to your cPanel login page (ask your hosting provider to give you the login details) . While you login to your cPanel account, you see a lot of icons under subheads like Domains, Databases, Preferences, etc. Click on the subhead Software/Services. The section expands and you can see a number of Software icons namely CGI Center, Perl Modules, PHP Configuration, etc. Click on Softaculous.

    cPanel Softaculous

Step 2:

When you click on the Softaculous icon, “Softaculous Apps Installer” expands. Click on Drupal icon. If you don’t see WordPress icon under the scripts, click on the category CMS and select Drupal. Once the Drupal page opens, click Install.

    Drupal installation

Step 3:

Once you hit Install, Software Support form appears. This is where you enter a number of options including a username and password for your new Drupal site. You also choose where on your site Drupal will run.

You can accept most of the default values on this form. The only thing you need to change is the In Directory text box. Suppose you have requested the domain mynewdrupalsite.com from your web host.

If you want your Drupal site to be the first thing people see when they browse to www.mynewdrupalsite.com, leave the In Directory text box empty. If, however, you plan on having multiple sites or just want to play with this first Drupal site, you can put it in a directory on your site, such as test. Then, when people go to www.mynewdrupalsite.com/test, they see your Drupal site.

Enter a username and password of your choice in the Admin Account section further down the page.The username and password allow you to administer and customize your site. Choose a strong password; otherwise, you risk someone hacking your site. Enter your e-mail address and click the Install Drupal button.

A screen appears that gives you a bit more information about the databases Drupal will create. This is just for your information.

    Drupal Softaculous setup form

Step 4:

As you hit ‘install’, in a moment’s time, you will be greeted with the default Drupal page. Click on the administrative URL and you are now ready to use your brand new Drupal CMS.

    Drupal Successfully installed

You’re finished with the installation. When you click the link, you see the main page of your new Drupal site. If you want to log in, use the username and password you specified in Step 3 in the preceding step list.

    Drupal Welcome page

If you have any more queries or issues while installing Drupal, please let us know! Remember, we’re available at your service with 24/7 dedicated E-mail support, Live Chat and telephonic support.


  1. TTT September 5th, 2012

    Why can’t we see softaculous under software and services in our login

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    Hey, can you provide me with your details?

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