How to move your Content from one folder to another in cPanel

December 6th, 2010

Moving your content from one folder to another can be easily achieved by using File Manager from your cPanel.

In the below example, we wanted to move all content from a particular folder to the root (public_html) and below are the steps we took to get this done.

1. Login to your cPanel.
2. Click on File Manager and press Go
3. Click on the folder whose content you would like to move.
4. Press the select all button from the top

5. Right click and then select Move option

6. Then enter the path you would like to move the file to and click Move File(s)

Thats it! Your files are now moved to the desired folder. Please note that you can use this method to move all files in a particular folder in one go or manually select individual files to move to different folders.

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