Transfer Emails from Outlook Express to Entourage or Mac Mail.

January 2nd, 2010

I recently bought a MacBook Pro and was having a tough time figuring out how to transfer my mails from Microsoft Mail (Outlook Express) to MS Entourage or Mac Mail (on Snow Leopard).

First i had to decide which mail client to choose, Entourage or Mac Mail. If you are coming from Outlook and then the obvious choice seems to be Entourage as it pretty much the same software built to work on a MacBook. However it carries the same flaws as well. After an extensive research, i decided to go with Mac Mail.

Below are some of the reasons for choosing Mac Mail over Entourage

1. Mac Mail is very simple, almost too simplistic.
2. Very fast vs. the heavy Entourage
3. Since it is Mac software, it’s very stable
4. You need not worry about Virus if you are using Mac Mail. Entourage is still susceptible to Trojans and viruses.
5. Unlike Entourage, Mac Mail does not keep all your mails in one big database and hence it is unlikely that your mails will be lost if the database crashes.

I usually just check and compose emails, very basic functions but if you connect to a MS Exchange server from work or other complex mail stuff then you will have to use Entourage only.

Ok… Now that i figured out i will be using Mac Mail, i needed to transfer all my mails (7,000 of them). There are many options out there but none as simple as i am about to share with you. However you will require Entourage for this transfer.

1. Copy all your mails to a new folder from Outlook. This is as simple as drag and drop to the new location. The extension of your mail will be .eml but you don’t need to change it or do anything with it.

2. Transfer the files to MAC. Open Entourage and then transfer all the emails / folders. Again, this can be simply done by drag and drop from your folder to Entourage folder.

3. Open Mac Mail and go to Import, specify that you want to import all mails from Entourage and continue.

This is all, you should have all your mails transfer to Mac Mail, you will just need to setup your email account again and you will be good to go.

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