Setting up Free Google Emails Apps with your Domain Name

December 23rd, 2010

Google apps is one of the best thing there could be for people who want to have their emails powered by the fantastic Google email software. You can have the Google apps working if you just have a domain name without any hosting or have a hosting which is attached with your domain name. In the step by step process below, we have pointed out how you can have a google powered email running for your domain name for Free!

Before starting this process make sure you already own a domain name or if you dont, start by registering a domain name.

1. Start the sign up process by clicking this link:

2. Fill in the simple information form
3. Fill username and password for your Google account and continue with the setup.
4. Login with your Google account and manage.

Once you have done this, you would need to make DNS changes by adding MX records as specified by Google for verifying your domain name as well as make sure the emails work for you. If you are using just your domain name then you would need to make the MX changes directly from your domain name admin. If you have hosting account with the domain, then you would need to add the records from the cPanel of your hosting.

We can help you out in both situations if you get stuck anywhere. Just raise a support ticket for the same from your client area.

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  1. Sandeep January 3rd, 2011

    My client( is currently using Microsoft Outlook for their mails.
    Is Google Email app a substitute for that? If i sign up for it will my client have to stop using Outlook or both can work simultaneously..

    And how does this work? Do incoming mails start going to a google server?

    I would also like to squeeze in another question since we are talking about mails…

    The is an a certain upper limit to the number of mails i can currently send at a time via the speedhost server(beyond which the account gets suspended for a few hours). What is the maximum limit? Can that limit be increased? If yes, how?

    My client needs to send emailers to a subscribed list of people.

    If for all of the above the answer is ‘No you cannot’ …. will the some sending limit exist with the Google email app?

    Sorry about the long story… but hope you can advise..


  2. Prashant January 5th, 2011


    Google apps would substitute your email with speedhost, meaning when you activate google apps on your domain, your emails will be handled by google and not by speedhost. You can then reconfigure your outlook to send / receive emails. As for the second questions, yes there is a limit to send out email, since we do not allow bulk emailing on our servers there is a limit of 250 emails an hour over which the account will not be able to send out emails. We encourage clients to look for professional mailing solutions for their bulk mailing needs.

  3. Sandeep January 5th, 2011

    Hi Prashant,

    Thanks for the information. Any idea if google apps would have the same limit for outgoing mails from their server?

  4. Prashant January 7th, 2011

    Yes, google would have a limit, not sure how much it would be.. maybe even lesser than ours.

  5. Naveen Aggarwal January 20th, 2011


    I have one query regarding Google apps.

    If my mails are hosted by google. where should i set the group email id whether at speedhost or at google.

    right now i have created a groupid with google but mails are neither recieving nor bouncing back.

    Please suggest.

  6. Prashant January 20th, 2011

    @ Naveen: If your mails are set up with google apps, you will have to manage them from google apps itself.SpeedHost’s cPanel will not be able to do anything because the mail exchange MX would be with google.

  7. Naveen Aggarwal January 20th, 2011

    Thanks Prashant

    But the problem is, I have configured my group id there but it is not working :-( . May be i need to check again.

  8. akhilesh January 20th, 2011

    I have one query regarding Google apps.

    If my mails are hosted by google.what changes should i have done in Speedhost domain manager.
    like Mx record,Cname record etc.

    pls give any snapshot if available.

  9. Prashant January 22nd, 2011

    @ Akhilesh, If you are using google apps for email the DNS changes will be provided by google. You can then either login to your domain control panel to make those change or you can do them from your hosting cpanel.

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