OsCommerce – The Art of Shopping Cart

November 18th, 2009

Among the many open-source shopping cart software available, one of the major edges that osCommerce has is it’s reputation. It’s reputation of being widely patronized giving it an image of being dependable and well-supported amidst the fact that it’s for free. What bothers most users when customizing with osCommerce is it is not easy to accomplish if you do not have much background in developing software. Thus, if you are planning to use osCommerce with some modifications in the code, make sure to ask for assistance.

Since it utilizes automatic web browser installation and upgrading, starting using osCommerce is very easy. Any changes done in the layout can be done easily and quickly. However, templates are not available, thus you can only do editing on the header and the footer and both the right and left columns. This does not sound so pleasing to people who intend to have to see a lot of variations in their layouts. Yet, incorporating changes is not difficult because it has a complete out-of-the-box solution and the backend is object oriented. Moreover, it can be used by a lot of users because it has multi-language features that are compatible with English, German, and Spanish speaking users. The software also provides multi-currency so it is also compatible with a lot of nationalities.

Although the shopping cart software has Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, the administration area does not come with a built-in password protect feature. To secure administration accounts, users have to ask the people responsible for building their sites to add a password protect feature in the admin.

The software can also do some optimization on its own. Added to the software’s features are newsletters, articles, reviews, catalogs and features about the products being advertised. These can help in boosting up your website’s advertising. However, the catalog system is not that efficient. Having a hundred or so products in the catalog would require some modifications in the elements in the product administration. Frequent modification of the information about the products would also mean needing additional modules to manage the new data. For bulkier contents in th catalog, like thousands of products, would cause some searching and browsing problems.

Neverthless, one thing that showcases osCommerce’s strength as shopping cart software is the fact that many of the open-source shopping carts we have today were derived from osCommerce. Yes, it may have some setbacks in its system but it is undeniable that it really is something.

If you are looking to host your ecommerce web store then osCommerce is a robust software you can start with, right out of the box.


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