ICICI Withdraws Net Banking and Debit Card options for Web Hosting Companies

April 26th, 2010

UPDATE 30/08/2010: We now have ICICI in our debit card list.

We have had some of our customers complaint that they are not able to do transactions via Net Banking for ICICI bank… we checked this up with CCAvenue (Payment Gateway Provider) and found out that ICICI has decided to stop giving this facility to web hosting companies, now we don’t know what the reason is but it is very sad to know that they are being biased towards hosting providers. Not only this, CCAvenue failed to inform us merchants that this option has been taken out.

This puts a big question mark on the services provided by both ICICI and CCAvenue. We are not sure if and when ICICI will enable their services again but one thing is for sure, this is not the way online commerce will grow.


  1. ICICI Bank Care April 29th, 2010

    We are from ICICI Bank and would like to clarify that ICICI Bank provides online payment options to merchants’ websites. We would not like to comment on an individual merchant or an industry but all actions are backed keeping in mind security of our customers.

    ICICI Bank Team.

  2. Prashant April 29th, 2010

    Thank you for the reply. This still does not answer why hosting companies have been singled out. Security is everyones top priority but that does not mean that we stop providing services and play safe. Whatever your reason has been, i hope you reconsider the decision.

    CEO Speedhost.in

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