How to set up Google Calendar App on your Domain

November 25th, 2009

Google Calendar is a calendar web application provided by Google.

The interface of Google Calendar allows users to view, create and manage calendar events. Google Calendar supports drag-and-drop, so you can easily move your events from one date to another without reloading the page.

Google Calendar supports a variety of view modes, including daily, weekly, monthly and agenda views. Users can also Quick Add calendar events and set the number of days/weeks to show in their custom view mode.

Outlook calendar files (.csv) and iCalendar files (.ics) can be imported into Google Calendar. You can also import public calendars which contain various national holidays of different countries.

Once you register for Google Apps, you will be able to access your Google Calendar using a URL in the following format:

To access your Google Calendar through your domain name, e.g.:

please go to your Google Apps Dashboard > Calendar > Web address > Change URL and select the custom URL option.

Then you should set up your domain’s CNAME record to point to


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