Disadvantages of Free Webhosting

February 7th, 2014

We bet you have heard this phrase “There’s no such thing as free lunch”. Most of us are aware of the fact that the products and services that we need are mostly charged and the ones that are free, come with a catch. The same fact applies with Free Web Hosting. If you have ever used free hosting you might have realized by now that there are way too many disadvantages than the advantages of a paid hosting. Let’s look at some of them.

1] Security: Major responsibility of your website’s security depends on the security measures taken by the hosting company. Free hosting companies invest little or no resources to secure their servers hence leaving your website vulnerable to cyber attacks.

2] Annoying Ads: Free hosting companies make their money through advertisements. This means that you can expect a bunch of annoying ads and pop ups on your website leaving a bad taste for your visitors. The worst part is that you have absolutely no control over this and will have to live with it.

3] Limited Resources: Most free hosting services are capped. So tomorrow if you do need additional bandwidth then you will simply have to pay for the package. Sometimes the rates are higher compared to some popular hosting companies’ packages and there are many who fall prey to it.

4] Chances of Shutdown: Free hosting companies are very unreliable. Don’t be surprised if you wake up one day and find that your website is not loading anymore. There is a high possibility that they can just shut shop and take down all their servers. This means you stand a chance to lose all your work just like that.

5] No Monetization: Say tomorrow your website becomes popular and you want to capitalize on it by placing ads on the website. With free hosting, you cannot place ads on your website, as a matter of fact even if they do allow you to place ads, there are already so many of their own ads that it will not be next to impossible to find any place.

6] Little or no Support: It takes a great deal of money to run a good support system. With free hosting you cannot expect this to be part of it. Yes there are forums to help you out with your query but your issue does not get priority like you get with paid hosting services.

7] Crowded server/ Downtime issues: When you are giving something for free, you will definitely have a lot of takers, generally way more than what you have to give. Same goes with free hosting services. The congestion on the free hosting server causes the websites to run slow and the downtime of your website will increase drastically.

There are few who are okay running their website with these issues and honestly it is not wrong to test the waters before diving in. But if you are serious about your website and want to create a real presence in the web space then free hosting is not for you. While using free hosting services you will come across one of these issues which will force you to migrate to another service literally overnight.

Honestly building a website is hard work and you should not leave its fate in the hands of someone, who is not reliable. Spend time in finding the right web hosting service that is capable of providing a good service and value for your money.

Do share your experiences if you have ever used a free web hosting service.

How to Write Popular Blogposts

November 29th, 2012

If you are an avid internet reader, you might have noticed that some blogs are flooded with user generated comments, hundreds of ‘like’ and shares on social platforms. Whereas some blogs are struggling for even page visits on their analytic. This happens because many of us are not putting up the blogpost or rather framing our posts the right way. We seldom end up not making the best possible use of all that we can do with our blog. From SEO to an actual sale, a blog can do wonders to your business if your blogpost make sense and are relevant to the visitors.

You should use the below mentioned tips in order to be Webmaster of a most loved and popular blog:

1. Use Simple Language:
The first thing that you will ever notice in a blog is the ease of understanding. It doesn’t matter beautiful your design is or how optimized your page is visitors will not stick to the page if they don’t understand what you are writing on it. Use of fancy and intricate words is good, provided your target audience is able to understand it. The easier the choice of words and the simpler the sentences, the higher is the probability of the visitor is to read, comment and share your blogpost. So the idea is to write simple words which any visitor from any country can understand your blogpost.

2. Address Them As “You”:
Really amazing blog posts sound like they were written just for you. Do you know why that is? It’s because the writer probably used the word “you” instead of “them” or “we”.
While drafting the post, make yourself feel like it’s just you and him sitting for a cup of coffee and chatting. While writing a blogpost, feel like you are writing it just for that one person who is on the other side of the computer.
This will help you earn some brownie points for attention and the reader would feel the ‘personal’ equation with you. And who wouldn’t love being addressed personally amongst the count of trillions on the web.

3. Write ‘How To’ Posts:
One of the things we have learned about popular blog posts is that people want useful information.
Always try and offer solutions to people’s problems. People would read it, take something back home out of it and will express their opinion or comment on it and share it in their social circle. Make your ‘how to’ steps simple. Don’t complicate the visitor who has come to your blog in distress or confusion.
Let’s say you want to show your audience how to subscribe to your blog with an RSS reader. Your headings might be “Choose a Reader,” “Sign Up,” “Click on the RSS button,” and “Subscribe.” Under each heading you would give more information, explaining what to look for, the pros and cons, and pointing out issues that might be confusing.

4. Beauty Is In The Details:
You might not want to believe this but your thought –“Who anyways is going to read so much?” which is just NOT true. People love details. Things with precise explanation and description are always welcomed by readers. That does not mean that you overload them with information and text. But whatever you write make sure is sufficient enough for the reader to understand what you are explaining.
If you think about it, people love long, detailed posts because so much of what is offered on other blogs is short and light on details. This is not to knock other blogs, but simply to point out that this is an opportunity for you to make yourself different than other bloggers.
Another way of adding more data and details to your posts is by adding useful and relevant graphics, images, videos and Infographic. This will not only add to your blog’s length but also will make it visually more appealing.

5. Use the 3 ‘U’:
Speedhost follows a 4 ‘U’ policy to hook our visitors to our blog and website. The 3 ‘U’ rule is:

  • Unique: Unique headlines and content is always more shared and read. If you are writing the same old content which already exists on 100 other blogs that you are lacking in the ‘Unique’ factor. Work on it! Write unique and fresh content.
  • Useful: write useful things. Something that has worked for you and you think it can be equally useful to others, write about it. The more useful information your blogpost has, the greater are the chances for it to get popular among the readers.
  • Ultra-specific: Don’t write about random things. Or rather don’t write about 3-4 different things at the same time. You aren’t here to confuse the reader. Stick to a subject, be specific. Show that you master in it and you will see your blogpost getting popular. Really popular.
  • 6. Prove Your Point:
    People look for credibility. When you back your statements with proof, you naturally sound more believable and people will count upon your words. Whatever you say, ensure that you prove your point. You can prove your content’s credibility by linking your blog or information with another resource. But another benefit to proving your points by linking to other posts is that you are sharing with your audience another good source of information. And the chances are that author will probably link back to your blog at some point.

    7. Care about your readers:
    Its quite natural that a reader would feel more cared and happy if you make him feel like the post was written by keeping his problem and expectations in mind. And also the fact that if you actually care about the readers you naturally try to write a popular blogpost, because you are always looking for ways to write better.

    There’s a lot of competition in the blog world, so it’s quite easy and obvious for you to get frustrated when your blog is not getting the love it deserves. But patience and good work is the key to it!
    Tell us what you think about these tips! Drop in a comment or talk to us on Facebook.

    How to choose an ideal affiliate program:

    November 22nd, 2012

    This is the age of “get rich in a day” and “earn easy money by sitting at home”. While this all might sound too shady or desperate, but believe it or not, some of these cheesy ad copies can actually prove true! No, we definitely don’t think its easy money, but it can surely get you to mint a good amount if you are reasonably good at it!

    In layman’s language affiliate marketing is all about promoting someone else’s product and earning a commission in return (if a sale is made). It works the same as in the offline world, however the profit and scope is much bigger over the Internet.

    Finding the right affiliate program for yourself is as important as giving a right name to your business. To get the best results, always promote a product that you have tried yourself and are confident enough of the quality of it.

    Below are some of the tips that will help you find an affiliate program that’s right for you:

      1. It’s not just about Payouts.

      As an affiliate it’s very crucial for you to get big money out of your affiliate business venture. But at the same time, you should not consider huge payout amounts as the only driving factor . It’s important to promote a product which you yourself believe in or have used. For example, you are a dog lover. So being an affiliate for a company that manufactures dog food or a training school for dogs will be of more interest to you than being an affiliate for an online book store. Your content will be better too as it is relevant to your area of expertise. You yourself should be ‘for’ the products and only then will you be able to promote them efficiently. Besides, the visitors of your site and the target audience of the company whose product you are advertising should be of the same profile so that the merchant’s links interest them and they visit their site.

      2. Customer Support is the Key:

      Always go for a company that provides value to its products by adding great customer service to it. A good customer support or service will be a boon to an affiliate as every lead he sends to the website, will be converted into an actual customer. And this cannot happen without the strong support system. Imagine the dark scenario wherein as an affiliate, you are sending high quality traffic to the website but the efforts from the company’s sales and support team are not that strong. So it’s all a waste for you! You neither earn money nor is the same traffic going to come back to your website or blog for information. So you will be on the losing end! We believe its okay to compromise on the payouts if the service provider’s product and customer support handle is efficient enough with a high number of leads being converted by the sales team.

      3. Sign up with a Trusted Company:

      We aren’t unaware of the frauds that happen on internet! So it’s very important to sign up for a brand that you are aware of. Go for a company that you trust in. Always do detailed background check of the company for which you become an affiliate. We recommend you to use the product or the service once, before you start promoting it. This will help you understand and promote the product efficiently. Make sure the affiliate program you choose works with reputable sponsors who are selling products that you would be comfortable buying yourself.

      4. Ask for Fraud Protection:

      As an affiliate, always ask your merchant to provide you with a fraud protection service. Such protection helps the client detect multiple sign ups from the same IP address, block signups from banned IP address ranges and maintain a record of blacklisted affiliates. Ultimately, it will lead to a safe affiliate programes. Ultimately, you as a clean affiliate will be in a program which will be free from fraudulent affiliates who can claim your leads and your commissions. The two main fraudulent practices of other affiliates you should be protected from are:

    1. Duplicating: creation of deceptive clones of legitimate site
    2. Diverting — creating deceptive links that do not pay the intended affiliate (“cookie stuffing” is one of the ways it’s done, and thankfully it already results in serious consequences for cookie stuffers)
      5. Good Tracking System is a Must

      Nowadays, it is reasonable to expect that your sales statistics will be readily available to you. Always confirm the tracking method of any program. If possible, look for programs that offer real time tracking 24 hours 7 days a week and that are accessible from the web.

      6. Cookie Life:

      In affiliate marketing, most of the tracking happens through cookies. A lead is identified as your lead by the cookie placed on his machine when he clicks on the merchant’s banner. But he is only your lead till the cookie remains. You should look for a program that gives a high cookie life which is ideally 2-3 months. The program must also have other sources of tracking like IP tracking in case the lead deletes the cookie manually. That way you are assured of your commission if the conversion takes place.

    We think that being an affiliate is as responsible a job as that of any employee of that company selling the product. It’s a job where you might have to sit in front of your computer and push the product to your traffic. You also will have to use some smart sales and marketing strategies in order to earn your commission. So we suggest you to go for it if and only you think you can do it all. But we can tell you this. Once the wheels start turning, the cash starts pouring in. It’s not ‘easy money’ but it definitely is ‘big money’ if you put in your efforts and use effective marketing techniques.

    Diwali Dhamaka Rolled Out!

    November 5th, 2012

    With Diwali being round the corner, we see heavy discounts and crazy shopping everywhere! When everything around is making you happy, Speedhost wouldn’t lag behind!
    We are announcing the Diwali Dhamaka Offer this season! We are excited about every bit of it. The offer has just rolled out and we already see a lot of you guys availing to it! It instantly cheers us up to see you guys enjoy our products and services.

    Offer Details:

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    Cheers to Oktoberfest!

    October 3rd, 2012

    While enjoying beer during last week’s team outing, we were discussing how cool the German Oktoberfest is! It is then that we felt the need of celebrating it too. Not by providing you guys with a few cans of free chilled beer, but something a lot more delighting than that (No. we aren’t challenging the power of a beer here!).

    For the love of beer and life, Speedhost.in comes with something that would instantly get you high! This entire month, whatever you buy, we have a discount for you! Buy a domain name and get 6 months of Starter hosting absolutely free by simply adding the hosting package to your shopping cart and applying the coupon code ‘Oktoberfest’. And if you already own a domain, then, Buy any hosting plan and get 10% discount. The coupon code for this is ‘fblike’