Reseller Hosting

I changed the hosting package from WHM, but it does not show in customer’s cPanel

October 6th, 2010

Editing a hosting package may not edit the sites that are already on the package. To get your sites on the newly edited package you need to upgrade them to the same package name. After doing so the new stats will show.

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How can i Edit DNS Zone Template from my Reseller Hosting

September 18th, 2010

This advance feature of WHM allows you to apply a set of default DNS records every time you Create a New Account. If you do not understand that statement, please do NOT use this feature. Instead, contact

As a reseller you are able to update the default DNS zone template that is used when creating a new account.

Please login to WHM, and in the left menu, go to the “DNS Functions” section and click on the “Edit Zone Templates” link. Here you will see three templates. The standardvirtualftp template is used for every new account. Please choose and edit this template with your custom settings.

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What is a Package in WHM and How can i Create it?

September 16th, 2010

A package is collection of predefined specifications which define what a user or domain may have access to. An example would be our shared web hosting plans (Starter, Basic, Silver). You would need at least 1 package to be created in order to create a new account from your WHM. You may have multiple sites installed on one package as well.

Packages define the limitations of cPanel accounts that you create. The limitations which you may set are as follows:

1. Disk Quota (MB) – Disk space in megabytes available for the cPanel account.
2. Bandwidth (MB) – Data transfer in megabytes available for the cPanel account.
3. Max FTP Accounts
4. Max Email Accounts
5. Max Email Lists
6. Max Databases
7. Max Sub Domains
8. Max Parked Domains
9. Max Addon Domains

As a reseller, it is a good idea to create multiple packages of different sizes. This strategy gives potential customers more options to choose from when they sign up with you. Also, with several packages, your existing customers will have options for upgrading as their hosting needs increase. Packages also allow you to limit options available inside of the cPanel using Feature Lists.

Creating a feature list is easy, in WHM, click on the “Feature Manager,” select a name for the new feature list and click “Add.” The next screen will have a long list of features that you may disable by removing the check from the box next to the name of the feature.

Feature lists may only be applied via the package that is associated with the cPanel account. If you have 5 cPanel accounts that are all set up on the same package and you wish to change the feature list of only one of those cPanel accounts, then you must create a separate package for that one cPanel account and assign the new package to the desired cPanel account.

Are there any limits to Reseller WHM Control Panel?

September 15th, 2010

We provide our resellers with limited WHM (Web hosting Management). These limits help us control what actions the resellers are allowed.

As a reseller, you will have the ability to:

1. Create, delete, and suspend your cPanel accounts.
2. Manage and monitor your sites (password resets).
3. Access to all of your domains’ DNS zones.
4. Ability to configure your own customers support requests through cPanel.
5. Permission to check the server information and status.
6. Customize your hosting and control panel (cPanel, skeleton directory, branding).
7. Ability to change your client domain names and usernames.

Resellers will NOT be able to:

1. Change your own primary username.
2. Access to install SSL certificates.
3. Permission to restart services (http, mail, sql, ssh).
4. Access to Fantastico Admin.
5. Ability to assign IP addresses.
6. Perform automated backups tool.

Can i use Private Name Servers with your Hosting?

September 3rd, 2010

We do not provide private name server option with our shared web hosting solutions but you can use them with our reseller hosting plans.

Private name server option is best for providers who would like to offer reseller hosting under their own domain name.